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Camu Camu

A Major Source of Vitamin C


Myrciaria dubia, commonly known as Camu Camu, is a small bushy riverside tree from the Amazon rainforest that resides in Peru and Brazil, which grows to a height of 3–5 m and bears a red/purple cherry-like fruit. Fruits are harvested both when the Camu Camu is still immature and when it is fully matured. This changes the overall taste of the Camu Camu juice that comes from the berries. Camu Camu has small flowers with waxy white petals and a sweet-smelling aroma.

The current range of Camu Camu consists of the Amazonian lowlands of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. Its distribution extends from the center of Brazil along the mid and upper Amazon River to the eastern part of Peru. Wild Camu Camu fruit would be harvested directly into canoes.

The Camu Camu plant is extremely resilient to flooding. It can survive up to five months with the roots and much of the tree completely submerged. Camu Camu tree propagates through the seeds and will start to bear fruit around three years after the emergence from the seed. A wild Camu Camu tree can yield around 22-28 lb of fruit on average.

What is Camu Camu

Camu Camu vs. Orange

Camu Camu Health benefits

  • 30x The amount of Vitamin C
  • Variatiy of mineral and Amino Acid
  • Natural Antioxidant
What is Camu Camu

Camu Camu is a wild harvested berry from small lakes along the center of the amazon jungle. Often the base of the trunk is under water and during the rainy season, the lower branches are also submerged. The tree of the Myrciaria dubia produce a vast number of berries per season. The grape sized red and purple berries are juiced directly after harvest and freeze dried onto a tapioca root starch base an ideal semi sweet carrier for blending into juices. There are two different type of camu camu powder one being red red powder and pink powder

Camu Camu vs. Orange

Camu Camu contains the highest source of vitamin C on the plant. About 30x more vitamin C than oranges or lemons, and even more than the acerola fruit. Camu Camu also contains natural rutin and other bioflavonoids, which increase the effect of vitamin C and provides prime bioavailability. Compared with an orange, Camu Camu contains ten times more trace elements, such as iron, two times more phosphorus, proteins, beta carotene, calcium, vitamin B1. B2, and B3 as well as a comprehensive complex of minerals and amino acids.

Camu Camu Health Benefit

Camu Camu is one of the world’s richest sources of vitamin C, but this fruit also has a range of health promoting effect. This fruit help strengthens the immune system especially against viruses and maintains healthy gums, eyes, skin, and connective tissue. It has also been documented with properties such as an astringent antioxidant, emollient, and nutritive. The Camu Camu fruit has a surprising range of medicinal and therapeutic effects as measured both by traditional use and a variety of phytochemical compounds which experimentally have demonstrated a multitude of effects including energy boosting, mood-lifting and strengthening the immune system



Grown in the Amazon Rainforest

100% natural Antioxidants

Help Weight Loss

Helps Digestion and Immunity

Science & News


(LIP-wb) -- Japanese consumer's first contact with the pleasantly flavored Amazonian fruit known as “camu camu” was in form of a refreshment drink, then in liquor, and now causes sensation as vinegar used for the refinement of salads. According to Toyohara Hidekazu,...

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Myrciaria Dubia

Family: Myrtaceae Latin name: Myrciaria dubia, Myrciaria spp. Vernacular name: Camu camu, shahuinto Ethnobotany Though very high in vitamin C, until recent decades, camu camu was used almost exclusively as fish bait and a convenient source of firewood when dead. The...

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Move over Acai

Move over, acai: there's a new Brazilian superstar fruit in town. Camu camu is becoming increasingly popular as a health supplement for its supposed antioxidant properties. But is there something to this rain forest fruit or is it just about the hype? This isn't a...

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